Charlie Laine Getting A Tattoo!

Charlie Laine is getting a tattoo!

Charlie Laine is feeling the pain!

Charlie Laine shows off her first one done, that is tight work!

Charlie Laine is behind the science, she is a normal person getting a tattoo just like you and I!
Charlie Laine tattoo is deep, Forever Family representing allot of love for Charlie Laine and she is representing her family!

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There’s Just Something About Charle Laine That Makes Her So Special!

From a person at one of Charlie photo shoot!

“I meet her at this photo shoot and seen her in this over sized bath robe and yellow bunny slippers sitting in the makeup chair just smiling and laughing with the makeup girl. Her voice was this casual kinda scratchy thing that I just didn’t expect but it suits her perfectly somehow. She was at that moment, the cutest girl I had ever seen in my life.

There’s just something about her that makes her special.”

Charlie Laine Candids, Behind The Scenes!

Charlie Laine taking a smoke break!

Charlie Laine with her Penthouse Key!

Charlie Laine doing her hair and mak up!

Charlie Laine and one big ass duffel bag of goodies!

Charlie Laine with Shay Laren, not sure who Shay is go here,

Today we have some behind the scene pictures Charlie sent over from her latest shoot!

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Wanna See 8 Seconds Of HD Heaven?

by Charlie Laine Official Site

Charlie of Club has some new HD videos out on her website I was going to post one longer then 8 seconds but god dam it’s a meg a second! Anyway remember Fatal Attraction, that one scene were Newman from Seinfeld gets wood?

This is Charlie’s Laines Site