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Charlie Laine gives all of her official website members the VIP treatment! Inside her site she gives complete and unlimited access to all of her exclusive pictures and hi res videos as well as her personal diary and her live shows! Charlie also loves to give her members extra little bonuses like free wallpapers too!

Take a look at the official Charlie Laine website here!

5 thoughts on “Official Site”

  1. Mike says:

    Charlie, you are the hottest thing on the net! Could you do some pics in a half-slip with side slit and tan pantyhose?
    My dick would explode!!!


  2. Christopher B. Erz says:

    I’m a man who loves brunettes, but I’ve never had my problem with the ladies and never got heavy into any porn. Today on to much for TV I broke down and ordered one of your videos not sure who you were or what I’d find, but when I saw you on TMFTV Brunettes on demand I was captivated, I’ve always hated fake breasts and the average and even popular for lack of a better word “porn” stars. I took one look upon you and fell in lust, your absolutely beautiful, your eyes are completely captivating and the beautiful color of the ocean during the summer in the Caribbean. I’ve dreamed of one day finding my dream girl( in looks) with your exact features, eye color, hair color and eyes and on camera spunk and personality during your street interviews. If your anything like you happy and chill attitude you showed on TMFTV, I’d love to get to know you. I left my Facebook page on here in hopes with luck you may respond and if there are female camera man and your interested( I would consider making a video with you which I never thought of doing or even crossed my mind, but honestly I’d like to get to know the real you even more than having sex) or off camera is even better(just hanging out no ulterior motives.) Your eyes lips and smile are so adorable and endearing and captivating they actually pulled me in enough to track down a way to contact you. I can’t think of any star, athlete, or model that has more natural and honest beauty than you. Something about your eyes and how when you smile your eyes smile really is adorable. If you ever want to get to know someone that’s now a fan and would truly like to get to know the person behind the beauty or want a man for first time sex on video(dunno if I got the guts like you but would be willing to try) I’ve never once thought I would find a star in the adult film industry as captivating and naturally beautiful as you and they’d be so down to earth unless that’s just how u are on film, but I doubt that. I’m a normal guy who has never been as confident as people think I am, i guess because I’m just normal, father moved here from Germany spent from 16 through 25 traveling back and forth between North America and Europe always working while here packing away the money quitting and bouncing from anywhere from 3 months to my maximum time there of 2 years average of 6 months at a time. If your interested in knowing more read my profile, I’m not crazy or some stalker but for some reason I had a feeling you may reply. This is the one and only message I’ll leave if I never hear back I’ll figure u chalked me up to a crazy fan rather than an intrigued, honest, down to earth humble man I am. Had a hard childhood, sadly because I always chose the wrong path and people until about 23 when I realized whats truly important. Hope this is enough to peak Your interest. Take care.

    Hope to talk to you and thanks for your time,


    P.S, I know this is crazy and understand if I never here from you, but I had to try and hope I could over time get to know the true woman behind captivating smiling blue eyes.

  3. Mike says:

    You are without a doubt one of the most beautiful and sexiest women I have ever seen! I hope to see you in many more films and pictures.

  4. jerry mertz says:

    charlie great stuff….where can i ask a personal question

  5. Ledude says:

    Chris Erz, damn dude, slow down.

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